Second time is the charm! Visited the two chefs outlet at bishan years ago and didn't quite fancy it. Remembered that I ate the milk powder pork rib and went nahh what's so nice about this thing.

Fast forward a few years, visited the commonwealth outlet this time. Hesitated whether to get the milk powder pork ribs, and went ahead with ordering it. Turns out to be a good choice because this time round we greatly enjoyed it! Sweet milk powder with super soft pork ribs with no bones! Plus all the food was served quite fast and hot! Other dishes which we ordered include the sweet and sour fish, hei zo meat roll, seafood tofu and chaotah beehoon! We wanted to orfer the claypot tofu initially but it was not available when we visited.

Dined here on a Saturday night. Queue was relatively long but fast moving. And btw, no point calling to reserve seats beforehand. We called to reserve, but ended up we still had to queue up like everyone else. So no need to waste your time to call. Just head there early to queue. 😅They will take your order for the dishes before you are seated.

The bill for this meal for 4 pax was only $43.5! Affordable and good tzechar. Great for family gatherings!