Cumi-Cumi Bakar ($15) is the grilled squid with sweet marinade. It is so fresh and chewy! As you can see, I was way too excited to dig in, hehe.

For vegetables, we took the waitress’ suggestion and ordered the Gulai Pucuk Paku ($13). On the pricey side for veg, but it’s because this jungle fern can’t be found in Singapore. The yellow curry was light and fragrant, which went so well with the free flow rice.

Last but not least, we had the quarter Ayam bbq chicken ($11). Soft and tender, and marinated so well. With their Chili, it’s even better ;)

p.s. I also love the batik decorations on the walls and tables. They stuck to traditional Indonesian music (kudos for this detail) was soft, which added to the classy touch. I will definitely be back for more!