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They offer prawn siew mai ($3.20 for 3 pcs) as well.
The good thing about this place is you can choose to buy just one (Pork) Siew Mai (for $0.80 or was it $0.90) if you wish to.

Pork used for siew mai is fresh. While the size of the Siew Mai here is not as big as Tiong Bahru Pau's one, I still consider the Siew Mai here pretty good.

Compared to other places where prawns and/ fish are added, their Siew Mai only consists of pork. This is the type of Siew Mai I had when I was young; Very savoury (no sweetness), meaty, but without any porky stench. And the meat is tightly packed as well. Yet, their Siew Mai is soft without being too fatty or oily.

Ho chiak!

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