Looks like the addiction of dry handmade noodles has struck me hard! Here is another great store I would include in my top handmade noodles list along with bigger names like Grandma Ban Mee and Greenview Cafe. Situated within the humble Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, Lai Lai U Mian is one of my recent favourite discoveries.

What makes this store distinct from other handmade noodles is its ultra springy thin noodles and the most fragrant shallots that are fried to crisp perfection. I was pleasantly surprised with the aroma of fried shallots from the start and the delicious scent lingered throughout.

Besides the original chilli, the stores also offers a tom yum chilli which I will return to try one day. In addition to the dry u mian, they also have a soup variation and other toppings such as lala/clams.

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