Toasts from @coffeebreakamoy !

I have been wanting to try their toasts for some time already!

Got the black sesame and taro creme ($3.50 each) to try!

Between the two, I actually preferred the black sesame! For the sole reason that I did not expect that the taro creme one to be more like BUTTER CREAM? And I do not really fancy the creamy butter cream! I was expecting taro orh nee texture? LOL! I was also surprised that the Taro Creme came with a slab of butter as well!

For the two toasts we got, their crispiness varied, so it seemed like the toasting of bread slices isnt very consistent. The Taro Creme one was crispier than the black sesame toast!

They have other flavours like peanut butter, hazelnut cocoa, ciannmon sugar, earl grey creme and raspberry almond creme (all at $3.50 each). Otherwise, there is also the classic flavour of kaya butter, butter sugar and butter only (at $3 each).

Tip: Come with a friend, order the two toasts separately, using shopback, and you can get 10% shopback credits confirmed straight away when you make your second order :)

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