A newly opened frozen yogurt store with a twist - almost like a spinoff of ideas from both Honey Creme and Llao Llao - Beegurt boasts smooth frozen yogurt with the options of toppings, the premium topping being the raw honeycomb.

(With reference to Honey Creme and Llao Llao,) Beegurt gives a slightly larger portion of honeycomb than Honey Creme. The honey is also tastier and has that same sticky gooeyness that honeycombs naturally have.

Portions wise, Beegurt's special (which includes 2 toppings and a honeycomb at $6.80) is less compared to the Sanum ($6.50). However, what I liked about Beegurt was that I got to taste more froyo as the toppings were put into the cup first, hence it remains hidden under the yogurt as seen (or not seen) in the picture, as compared to Sanum where they do it about one third below and two thirds on top, making the froyo melt into a mess, which I do not appreciate.

Nonetheless, with the abundance of Llao Llao stores around Singapore, it would still sit as top contender in the froyo scene. However, if you're around the Upper Thomson area, do give Beegurt a visit. Oh, and did I mention that they open until 1am (on Fridays and Weekends). Another option for a supper venue ^^

Heartiness (portion): 4/5
Tastiness (product): 4/5
Worthiness (price): 4/5