Solo-lunched at Capitol Piazza not too long ago and the Special Ten Don Set at “Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar” was my pick that day.
I found the quantity and quality of the toppings on the rice: a pair of shrimps, one sea eel and assorted vegetables, to be more than satisfactory. Their style of tempura features a thinner coating than what you‘d find at other Japanese restaurants but I actually prefer it this way because the taste of the seafood and vegetables isn’t overshadowed by batter.
According to the manager I spoke to, practically all the ingredients used at Ryu is imported from Japan. Even the water supposedly comes from Mount Fuji. Such dedication to keeping things as purely Japanese as possible is to be admired, don’t you agree?
As part of the lunch set, you can expect to be served an appetiser before the Ten Don (which is accompanied by a bowl of miso soup and pickles) plus a dessert after.