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Carabinero prawns may be prized for their intense crustacean flavour, but there's also this species of red prawns from Mazara del Vallo that's sustainable, having been awarded the Friend of the Sea’s certification for sustainable fishing and sustainable aquaculture. That's the Mazara red prawn used in this dish.
I found the crustacean flavour to be more concentrated in this mazara prawn compared to other more common prawns. It was wrapped in crispy pastry strips, and served in a refreshing gazpacho that was not overly acidic. That's probably because vine tomatoes were used, and any acidity was balanced by peach.
#ComeForFood, as there're several other new dishes created by celebrity chef brothers Enrico and Roberto Cerea (Three-Michelin starred Da Vittorio) who was in Singapore last week for Fratelli's 3rd anniversary.

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