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Nestled in One Fullerton, Forlino has a decent view of the skyline but the windows were kinda foggy.

Came to utilised our Burpple Beyond one for one before the deal expires on 30 Jun 2019.

Ordered the 48hrs slow cooked Beef ($58), and the Tagliaette with Pan Seared Abalone ($48).

The portion for the beef is decent and it was quite tender. Not melt in your mouth tender but still tender.

The Tagliaette however was quite disappointing. It is supposed to be done with black garlic and parma ham essence but the flavour was flat. The abalone was very sweet though.

We ordered the special white chocolate panna cotta with white asparagus. Can't comment on the asparagus but the white chocolate panna cotta was really well done. The white chocolate was not overly sweet and it was easy to finish the whole dessert. A sweet touch to the end of the meal.