📍Hello Korean BBQ
- Spicy Chicken🍗
- Steamed Egg🍳
- Kimchi Pancake🥘
- Peach Soju🍑
- Grapefruit Soju🍶
- Sprite X 2🥤
- Sides🥢

The spicy chicken is quite standard, spicy but not too spicy, generous portion, quite value for money, not bad eh...

The kimchi pancake is thick, crispy on the surface while being moist and chewy inside, the kimchi is a little sour and spicy, can’t get enough of it, but super filling, good for sharing.

Find the steamed egg a little bland, suggest to skip that...

Complimentary sides, to my surprise, their sides are actually quite nice eh, not because they are free okay...

Soju for the night, cheers~

Damage: $70.50 (excluding the kimchi pancake)