This outlet really serves a wide variety of dimsum (there were at least 60 items on the menu) so we were really spoilt for choice! Ended up ordering the liushabao ($4.20), beancurd roll in Thai chilli sauce ($4.20), steamed pork ribs ($4.20), XLB ($4.20) & steamed rice roll w fried fritters ($4.20). We really liked the steamed pork ribs, it didn’t come w the yam pieces like those at sweechoon, so it’s really value for money bc ALL PORK 😍 Liushabao was good too, but we still prefer swee choon’s. XLB was abit disappointing bc there was no soup at all (it’s called shanghai pork dumplings on their menu so we assumed that these are XLBs & should therefore have soup inside) but the meat was good! XLB skin was abit thick tho. Beancurd roll in thai chilli sauce was good too!!! It’s not crispy tho bc it’s soaked in the sauce, so if you’re a fan of crispy beancurd rolls, I would suggest u order the ones without sauce!

Service wise, the staff cleared the queues v efficiently bc the turnover of the tables were fast (we only queued 5 mins before we got a table).

Overall, this is one of our new fav dim sum spots! They have so many unique dishes here which we have yet to try & their dim sums are all made fresh! Spent $23 for 2 pax (5 dishes, 2 drinks). Make sure to come w more people so that u get to try more of their dishes!