Visited Elixir on a Tuesday morning and it was a chill place to enjoy brunch with a cup of coffee. We had two cups of white coffee to go with our brunch items and it was nice that the place wasn’t too crowded such that we could chat without any pressure to leave after we were done with our food.

The Sausage and Tomatoes on Sourdough Toast was a simple but satisfying dish, with two links or savory and peppery sausages grilled to a crispy outside and juicy inside. The sourdough slice was also toasted well, offering a crisp outside and fluffier inside. Apart from butter, we were also given honey and a mixture of nuts and herbs (dukkah) for those who desire either some hint of sweetness or herby fragrance to go with the savory notes from the sausage.

As for Beet and Eggs, the eggs were poached well but the partner found it a bit too sour for his liking, most likely due to the addition of white vinegar into the water used to poach the eggs. The falafel pieces were nice but not extremely crunchy, which could be dipped with the beetroot hummus beneath the poached eggs. The crunchy and fresh kale salad on the side was also nicely executed.

Prices at this cafe were on the high side but the portions were decent and the service was good too. Free flow water was also available. For who prefer Al fresco dining, outdoor seats were also available.