Ig handle?? 🏷
nearest mrt: Changi Airport 🟢

‼️ chanced upon @chunyangtea_sg a couple of times bt didnt actually went to try since im a food > drink person… bt since my dearest @burpple kept showing it off to me, ive decided to give it a go! :-) & im proud to say tht ive gotten thm @ 1 for 1 🥳🥳🥳

Jewel, Changi Airport 💎
1️⃣ Cheese Macchiato w Green Tea, 75% ($6.50, L)
2️⃣ Oolong Tea w Pudding, 0% ($6.80, L)

as u can tell, Cheese Macchiato is legend 🤓 yes im abit bias bc its creamy :-) the seasalt rly give tht subtle sea 🌊 taste to the creamy cheese, & hence;;; its bombz! i literally licked the 🧀 frm the straw & eat it as it is! 🚨 #cheeselovers i suggest yall not to MiX 😬 eating it like my way is so much btr! 🤓

anyws i believe @chunyangtea_sg is best in their tea 🍵 & i cant deny 🤡 in general, its the fragrant & flowery 💐 notes tht called it a ‘yes’ for me 😉

note: pls uh NEVER get 0% for Oolong Tea IF ure not keen in drinking pure tea 🫖 bc its geniunely as pure & tasteful as how tea would taste like! :-) so pls uh… i warn yall first 🥱 its basically bland w tea fragrance 😜