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This Japanese order-from-menu buffet is for those who are looking at quality and variety. There's three different buffet menus - classic, premium and gourmet. I usually go for the premium as it has more variety $61.90++/ $69.90++ lunch/ dinner on weekdays and $64.90++ / $72.90++ lunch dinner on weekends. For the premium, every diner gets a serving of tuna belly (2 thick slices) & a special of the day. Today we had black pork belly topped with strawberries as the special - it was a unique combination & a very tasty one. Dishes I especially loved were the Hokkaido oysters, pi dan tofu, their fresh thick cut sashimi, wagyu beef, salmon aburi, king prawn tempura, did I mention they also have shabu shabu! And not forgetting the fruits and matcha ice cream topped with azuki beans to end off the amazing meal! Do remember to make booking in advance as there's quite limited seating and they are almost always full house. Enjoy!!