Fresh off the cherry wood-burning grill, this beautifully cooked 300gms of Australian ribeye was sheer pleasure to eat.
It ticked all the boxes of what I look for in a steak. Firstly, it's about 33% bigger than many that are sold out there, which accounts for the slightly higher price. I was also greeted by a mouth-watering smokiness when the waiter set the extra large dish down in front of me. Then, once I popped a piece of that ribeye in my mouth, I learned exactly how juicy and tender it was (medium-rare is the recommended done-ness). For those reasons alone, I was already grinning like a monkey. However, also appearing on the plate were above-average accompaniments of a smooth potato mash, grilled asparagus and tomatoes, as well as a little jug of creamy truffle-mushroom sauce. These gave me even more reasons to love this. And for someone who usually prefers her steak with nothing more than a sprinkle of salt, I have to say, that sauce was impossible to resist.