I really love hotpot and was delighted to know that Eatigo have a 50% off for Saturday evening!

The slot was for 5pm and the restaurant was pretty empty at that time. We were given a window seat so it was pretty awesome :) we chose sukiyaki and shabushabu as our soup base and also went started with 1 each of their meat (pork, beef, chicken)

The vegetables bar was quite okay. They have notably more processed ingredients like cuttlefish ball, nacho cheese ball and seafood tofu as compared to Shabu Sai but the latter have greater selection of fresh vegetables and mushrooms.

Ice cream is also included in the dinner buffet but sadly, we have to top up 1.90++ for plain water (same price as free flow soda fountain) as the water is dispensed from the same machine. There is also a limit of 90minutes but the waiter closed our bill (no more meat orders) and allowed us to stay longer than the allocated time. Overall, value for money if using eatigo but comparing usual price to usual price, shabu sai wins hands down as the fresh produce selection is way superior.

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