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Tamashii's semi omakase is still a full meal, it's semi-omakase because some items are left to the chef, while some are fixed. A sashimi course would always be in the omakase, though the seafood may vary. It comes with shoyu foam, so it diffuses the sodium so that it won't be too intense. Check out that thick slab of otoro btw!
The other dishes in this $168++ semi-omakase are:
* Zensai (4 kinds of assorted appetizer)
* Sashimi Moriawase (sashimi served with shoyu foam)
* Kani Uni (king crab tossed with sea urchin)
* Yaki Sakana (grilled seasonal fish)
* Truffle Chawanmushi (steamed egg with shaved truffles)
* Saga Gyu Donburi (Saga beef rice with onsen egg and shaved truffles)
* Owanmono (soup of the day)
* Tenzukuri Dessert (dessert of the day)
You can also check out my IG story highlights for every dish served that evening.