This was my second time eating the Burrata pizza at Lino Pizza and Pasta Bar when this picture was taken. I had been blown away the first time I tried it and really wanted to eat it again. Let me tell you, the amount of effort it took. It was sold out the first 2 times we went. Thankfully, third time's the charm and we managed to order it by going early.

The combination of the tangy tomato sauce, the fresh pesto and the creamy but mild burrata was spectacular. We also ordered the rendang oxtail pizza and my dining companion really enjoyed it too. I myself found it decent and certainly unique, but I wouldn't order it again. The oxtail meat was rich and cooked until very tender. It was balanced out by the slices of chili and pickled cucumber.

We managed to polish off the 2 pizzas with not much effort, a testament to how good the pizzas were. Honestly, I wouldn't have known about this restaurant if it weren't for Burpple. And that's the thing about Burpple. It encourages people to discover new restaurants and hidden gems.


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