You know you're well taken care of when every dish that comes steadily outdoes the one that came before, leaving you in a giddy high by the time you realize how good of a job laksa leaf ice cream with green chili does as a dessert. Of course, the two excellent bottles of wine and warm hospitality had a large part to play. I can hardly name two more restaurants that make you feel quite this comfortable dining out. I almost felt like I was at home, throwing the most excellent of dinner parties. This photo has absolutely no way of representing the voluptuousness of the herb-forward salad, the bang of the five spice caramel perfectly lifted by chili, and waffles so good they deserve to stand alone. We don't even really need to talk about the duck. Ok, long story short, make sure you come here with your foodie friends sometime, and enjoy the beautiful venison tartare (!), this, and the humble roast pumpkin that deserves a tiara of precious jewels upon entering anyone's belly. Thanks for such a lovely night @rishinaleendra :) #burpple

Sponsored dinner? Zi Heng Tay I spot 4 quarters
Haha I wish Mucho Eats :) paid $168 for this dinner. I asked chef why some photos have 3 but we were served 4, and he says he serves 4 now :)
Oh, our money was very well spent! 😄 Spot-on Burp about our fantastic evening at Cheek By Jowl 👌 Jayne Tan