You can check out @onkeitonkatsu at Paya Lebar Square (01-85). A sister concept to @keikaisendon, treat yourself to a fairly affordable tonkatsu dinner since the weekend’s here.

Think of all the tonkatsu combinations that you can and they have it - Tonkatsu, chicken katsu, cheese tonkatsu, mentaiko tonkatsu, miso tonkatsu, curry katsu, ebi katsu and fish katsu.

All sets are served with a choice of Hokkaido white rice or multigrain rice, shredded cabbage, tonjiru soup, pickles, tonkatsu sauce and green tea. So here’s what we had.

Cheese Tonkatsu Set ($21.90++ for 120g/$23.90++ for 160g). Breaded pork loin cutlet with a cheesy mozzarella centre. As the camera took awhile to eat, we didn’t experience the stringiness of the mozzarella but I’d say it’s relatively decent. Only the pork loin option is available for this.

The good part of the katsu here is the crispness of the freshly made panko breadcrumbs yet the pork cutlet itself isn’t oily at all.

As a fan of Japanese curry, I added the side of Curry ($3.80++) which was fairly decent.

Mentaiko Tonkatsu Set (Pork loin: $21.90++ for 120g/$23.90++ for 160g). Essentially a piece of breaded pork cutlet topped with pure salted cod roe that gives it that umami kick. Although a favourite among my fellow Singaporeans, mentaiko isn’t something that will catch my eye.

As for the cutlet itself, there’s room for fine tuning. Ideally, pork loin should be moist and tender owing to its greater fat content. Ours was slightly tough and dry. We had this before their official opening and I believe they have since addressed the issue.

Thank you @onkeitonkatsu for hosting us to this tonkatsu dinner.