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On the nights when you finish work a little later than expected, reward yourself with satiating skewers and a drink (or two) at Koikeshoten. Bring a friend for company and sit by the counter to watch chef Norio Koike fire up the grill for your made-to-order goodies. The Unagi justifies its hefty RM25 price tag as it arrives glistening and ready to melt in your mouth, while the Wagyu Beef (RM21) sees four skewered cubes of juicy, succulent beef. Then there's the delicious Bishop's Nose (RM4) — albeit lesser known, the chicken rump has a distinctive crispy yet fatty texture that is absolutely delightful! If you're feeling generous, splurge on a bottle of warming sake (from RM108). Otherwise, the bar is unlacking with selections of beer, whiskeys and shochu (a Japanese spirit) to offer.
Avg Price: RM60