This post is wayyyy overdue, but I still want to get it up 😅

The food in @visitrubato taste pretty authentic Italian and I know weird to say that, my favourite has to be the mushroom soup! It taste super hearty and the blended wild mushroom taste really good.

The appetizer A Gift from the Angels (SGD $48) - using angel's hair and scallop with bites of truffles on top. Personally, I don't really fancy this as this dish seems to be prepared beforehand, as the angels' hair has been harden from being fridged.

While the black ink pasta and the flavours of brunch pizza might not be the best pick of ours, they taste fresh and good but there isn't a catch for me wanting to go back.

Satisfaction: 🤤 🤤 🤤
Price: $160+ for 3 pax
Location: @visitrubato
#eatwtiff #tcxsg

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