This is by far our favourite cafe to hang out, and facts, headed here for at least 5 times (which is shocking because I don’t normally do that)

Highly recommend their caramel latte, because it has the richness of caramel taste and their coffee, in general, is really very good.

While, they have my bf’s all time favourite which is eggs tomato relish, with the options of egg types. This has the richness and thickness of how a tomato relish should be, despite it being a really basic dish, they do it really well. Then this is their latest dish, Cajun Prawn, which I have to say it does taste good while it’s hot, once it turns cold, it’s like 4/10. While it’s a 10/10 when it’s hot, as the cheese in the toast melts in your mouth, on top of that, the cajun prawn is the perfect match with the hollandaise sauce.

Satisfaction : 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤🤤
Price: $20/pax
Location: @habitatcoffee

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