Both are S$6, coming to a total of S$12.

Duck Rice set comes with herbal duck soup, yam rice, a smoky savoury chilli sauce, and an assortment of items including braised duck meat, fish cake, braised peanuts, tofu, half a braised egg and a few slices of cucumber.

Other Burpplers seem to have gotten salted vegetables, but I guess they removed that from the set.

Duck Kway Chap Set comes with Kway topped with fried shallots and Cilantro, a sour and slightly sweet chili, and the Chap assortment containing duck meat, fish cakes, braised pork belly, braised tau pok, tofu, some pork intestines and half a braised egg.

In general, everything is well cooked and there is a good assortment. Chili goes very well with the dishes, and is the highlight of the meal along with the fragrant yam rice. There is more to be desired, however, from the duck and egg in terms of both texture and flavour.

The stall also sells other non typical duck rice items like sesame chicken, Bak kut Teh, pig trotters. There are 2 negative reviews on hungrygowhere, but I do believe those are anomalies.