Tis’ been a long, long while since I’ve had some Peranakan food, and Old Bibik’s was on hand to very conveniently rectify that. They’ve got solo operators well covered with their weekday lunch specials, which comprise of the main, a dessert & a drink.⠀

Mutton rendang is a pretty rare sight, so when I saw that on the menu, I ordered it with little hesitation. I gotta say, I wish more people did mutton rendang as good as Old Bibik, because this was absolutely ambrosial. The redolent rendang paste is scintillatingly spicy & chock full of herbs & spices, and the strong heady aroma is quite the scent to behold.⠀

Flavour wise, it’s deeply savoury, with a heavy handed undertone of lemongrass duking it out with the other spices for prominence in the dish. It’s indecently inundated with a potpourri of spices, and they all come together to mask any gaminess the mutton possess. Speaking of the mutton, the meat was acceptably tender and each bite was fully flavoured by the sapid, spicy rendang curry/sauce.⠀

The achar on the side is surprisingly spicy & awesomely acidic. The pickled vegetables slice right through the salty, spicy rendang to provide a respite from the spicy, savoury onslaught, and is a great palate cleanser. The rice & egg were nice, but were doubtlessly & obviously second strings to the juggernaut that is the rendang.⠀

For $12.90 a set nett, it’s a delicious deal that should definitely be sampled a couple of times. For science, of course.