AWWWW that adorable & instagramable “MoNsTeR” Shaved ice 🥹🥹🥹 @rojimonstersingapore

With a very cute 🥰 & interesting concept where you’re able to customise your shaved ice 🍧 set with 2 ✌🏻of your chosen toppings (complimentary) by stamping on a card;)))

As a matcha 🍵 lover, with no doubt, I went for the Uji Matcha 🍵 Monster Ice Cream 🍨 I chose Salted Cherry 🍒 Jelly as well as Honey 🍯 Osmanthus Jelly to go with my ice cream!🍨

Uji Matcha 🍵 from Japan 🇯🇵 is used in the shaved ice 🧊 mix! Light, creamy & not too sweet, it had a good 👍🏻 dose of strong earthy notes & bittersweet tones😝😝

The lingering scent & aroma 👃🏻 of faint bittersweet aftertaste of tea 🫖 flavour from the Uji Matcha 🍵 was something I very much enjoyed🤪

This was definitely my favourite💗

Strawberry 🍓 ice cream 🍨 came with a triangular shaped Senbei Cookie😍 Chose Matcha 🍵 & Mango 🥭 Jelly for our toppings! This was on the sweeter side as compared to the matcha 🍵 But loved the creamy & fruitiness😋

It was a pity that the toppings was meh 🫤, leaning towards the tasteless side & it’s a little too pricey 💸 for shaved ice 🍧 Nevertheless, this was an interesting experience!👻

Featuring 📸
~ Uji Matcha $12.90
~ Strawberry (Seasonal) $15.90

📍52 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088473
⏰ Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 3pm-10.30pm