Visited this relatively new hole-in-the-wall eatery that is well hidden at Level 4 of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre serving up Nepalese Gurkha cuisine. Serving up various Nepalese delicacies such as Momo (Dumplings) as well as Thukpa (Soup Noodles), the Jimbu Butter Chicken is probably one of their signatures here.

Unlike the usual Indian variant of Butter Chicken, Lomba The Gurkha Bistro serves up their very own rendition using tomato, cashew nuts, butter, Jimbu and ginger — the resulting dish was creamy and rich, but significantly less jelak than usual without being cloying and overwhelming; bright and tangy and slightly nutty and buttery, with the Jimbu carrying a herby note that helps to take away some of the heaviness of the butter. The chicken chunks were also pretty tender, while the set comes with a choice of Chapatti or Rice — we opted for the former which was thin and chewy; a great pairing to the Jimbu Butter Chicken itself. Nepalese Gurkha cuisine is a tough find in Singapore; no doubt I would not be able to tell how authentic the food here is considering I have never been to Nepal before, but this is some honest home cooking right here that’s pretty worth going for the experience!