@thestacksg is a halal café focused on two brunch staples: sandos & waffles. The sole savoury waffle option is the Morning Glory ($16 before additional GST), which lives up to the name of the café. It’s amply stacked with slices of smoked salmon, avocado, tomato and a half boiled egg. It’s a hefty brekkie, but it’s plenty healthy.⠀

The waffle is chewy and delightfully dense, possessing a mild savouriness. It’s an excellent vehicle for the fresh avo & tomatoes, and pairs surprisingly well with the sublime smoked salmon. It also does quite an adept job of soaking up the runny yolk from that perfectly poached egg thanks to its spongy quality.

However, the thing that carried the entire Morning Glory to, well, glory was the stunningly stellar sriracha aioli. Spicy, sour, salty and rich, the demand for this creamy, awesome aioli far outstrips the supply. One of the best aiolis I’ve ever sampled for sure. I’d gladly rise & grind for this glorious stack.