Honestly speaking,, this place doesn’t give off the best first impression. Had I not know beforehand, I wouldn’t have realise that this was a Japanese restaurant.

But pass the first impressions, the beef don was really good. I mean beef, truffle and egg is such a classic flavour pairing that it can’t go wrong. The portion may look small but trust me, it is really filling. There was a right proportion of beef and rice. You can be assured that every scoop of rice is accompanied with some beef. Not just that, the truffle taste was prominent and you can taste it in every bite. The rice was done really well! It wasn’t dry and not overly saucy. The egg also adds a nice rich and creamy flavour to the dish. Comparing the Angus to wagyu, it is definitely not as tender/ melt in ur mouth but it was still very tender and the flavour of the beef was not overpowered by the sauce or the truffle.

The only con would be that the restaurant seating only has bar facing seats and no table seats because of its Omakase style for dinner. Would not recommend this place for big groups.

Overall rating:
9.5/10 :)