Was first introduced to the Putu Piring here by my colleagues because they said it's very famous and would usually attract long queues at the original stall at Haig Road. Since then, every time we are here for lunch, we would definitely end off with some Putu Piring. You would be surprised to see how much space this stall takes up - not the typical partial small stall!

Their Putu Piring (Malay version of Tutu Kueh) is very different from the Chinese version. There is only gula melaka for the filling, not coconut or peanut filling. And the flour used for the outer layer doesn't give off the powdery or flour taste. In fact, the texture is like some soft cakes. They would add some shredded coconut by the side. The coconut enhanced the overall taste because it's on the savoury side while the gula melaka brings out the sweetness of the delicacy!

It's a must try if you are in this area! 5 pieces for $2.50 only. They may fish out some packets from their cooler box (which is used to keep them hot). But still equally tasty!

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