If you are someone who likes to try something out of your usual comfort, then Blue Kouzina is for you! Blue Kouzina is your quick getaway to Greece as the vibe and overall atmosphere makes you feel like you're in Greece, specially their food which has a distinct Mediterranean flavours!

It was our first time heading over and playing it quite safe by ordering Beef Kalamaki which is beef skewer and Kotopoulo Yiro which is wrapped with fries.

For Beef Kalamaki, I loveee the tzatziki dip which is made out of Greek yogurt with cucumber, garlic and mint (I hate cucumber but can't taste it from this dip), while the meat is slightly on the tough side but no complain as it is flavourful especially together with the grilled onion. While I tried having the pita with just the dip, and with both the beef and the dip,either way tasted so so good.

For the kotopoulo which means Chicken and Yiro is wrap, for this it tastes quite like burrito but they used pita to wrap it instead. For this dish, it is mouthful, super duper huge and definitely I can't finish it all by myself. But I still perfer Beef Kalamaki as compared to this one.

While we also ordered the Greek Coffee which is cream + americano, not my style of coffee but it isn't too bad to drink it anyway.

🤤 3.5/5
💸 ~$30/pax

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