Accidentally came across this place, run by Korean couple with a very friendly assistant (an old uncle). He recommended me a must-try foods and help me narrow down selections from the menu. Weekend buffet is price at $27.90++, reservation is needed as they normally pack with diners.

Iā€™d recommend these items to order:
ā€¢ kimchi (normal)
ā€¢ onion-cucumber pickle šŸ’•
ā€¢ pork belly garlic marinated
ā€¢ beef ribeye
ā€¢ beef bulgogi
ā€¢ takoyaki
ā€¢ jap chae šŸ’•
ā€¢ tteok bokki šŸ’•
ā€¢ cheese
ā€¢ butter
ā€¢ sesame oil + salt pepper sauce
ā€¢ watermelon

Overall satisfaction is 8.5.
Total bill for 2 persons at Sunday lunch $61.38