I have an immense weakness for canelés. Dark, thick, caramelised crusts, hiding pale, soft and tender centres, these dainty cylindrical pastries are, to me, the perfect lil afternoon nibble. So knowing that Le Matin’s ones are available at Maxi Coffeehar, I wasn’t about to give up scoring myself one. The custardy centre this canelé definitely nailed: just the right level of sweetness, and beautifully perfumed with vanilla with visible specks from vanilla beans 🥰 Unfortunately I did find the shell a little of a letdown. It was a tad too tough and limp, lacking that stiff crunch I was expecting, and tasted a wee too burnt — not in the nice caramel-y sorta way, but overly bitter for my taste. Still that could be a result of heating it up for dine-ins; I’m pretty sure a freshly baked one would taste tons better.