They sell froyo by weight, at $3 per 100g. Its self service - U get to put everything by urself! Its pretty fun. The service team was very kind too, letting us taste each flavor before we decide which to get. They had 8 flavours on sales - plain, alphonso mango tart, kiwi raspberry sorbet, dragon passion tart, strawberry shortcake pop, cheese cake, chocolate. I cant decide which to get cuz all are good. 🤔
End up with plain&mango, kiwi raspberry sobert&dragon passion tart.
Add my fav topping like passionfruit pops, nata de co co, almond flakes
Its so fun making my own froyo. But its pretty expensive comparing it to llaollao. This medium size, half filled, cost me $7.40
✔️ worth visiting