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Date visited: 4/6/2018 (Mom, 11:30am)

There wasn't a queue at this stall though on weekends, the queue is longer.

At first, I thought it could be because I was early. Then I realised it wasn't the case as I stayed there for lunch till noon. The chicken rice stall; one stall away from the laksa stall, had a long and perpetual queue).

When I first saw the claypot of laksa, it seemed to has different 'dimensions'. There is a layer of thicker gravy at the top of the claypot.

The gravy is good; smooth and Lemak but not overly rich. The soft taupok slices are also the highlight.

However, IMO, I do not think it is a value-for-money dish. I ordered the $4 portion and it came with 3 mini 'hum(s)', a few strands of bean sprouts, some taupok, and a few slices of fishcake.

My husband got the $5 portion. It came in a slightly larger claypot. There's one additional small shelled prawn... and he wasn't filled after finishing everything.

Not worth unless you absolutely love the gravy.

If not, you might be better off joining the queue at the chicken rice stall.