Not the typical HDL or BIAP but Shang Pin was equally satisfying without burning a hole in our wallets!! Had to get the typical tomato soup (relatively ketchup-y and sweeter compared to other tomato soups but not complaining!!) / as for the Sichuan Spicy Soup, we got the 小辣 but oh boy it was REALLY pretty 辣 and 呛, would say you could give it a miss for this soup?? / the most surprising hit was the chicken pumpkin soup!! I expected the broth to be thick (cos pumpkin) but no eh, it was really light and flavourful and the pumpkin taste was very subtle, giving a refreshing taste to the soup. Ingredients rather typical, quite fresh, nothing to pick on! Very comfortable space (rather empty on a weekend lunch), service was good! Will I be back? Maybe? Tho SLF is still my go-to hotpot place regardless!!