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This simple affair of a burger is pure and good, right down to the very last drop of the lamb patty's earthy juices. The burger squelches as your teeth sinks into it, a fine spray of juices squirting out from every crevice of the closely packed granules of minced lamb. There are no frills or flamboyant flavor combinations in this burger. A 150-gram Australian Droper lamb patty is simply sandwiched in between two buttery and fluffy demi brioche buns with herbaceous pesto, crunchy lettuce, melted gooey quader de cavra cheese and dewy heirloom tomatoes. This burger, despite being striped down to the basic quintessential burger ingredients, still manages to hold its own among its extravagant counterparts on Three Buns' menu. It is effortlessly delicious, kudos to the executive decision of only using first-rate produce. The Sly Stallone prevails from the extremely tender, fatty and luscious lamb patty, with every molecule of meat engulfed in the lamb's own naturally sweet, savory and earthy flavors.