The bright red colour of the Soup Tulang Merah ($10 + $2 for bread) from Haji Kadir Food Chains (Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-13/15) was not the most appetising sight at first glance­čśů Armed with plastic gloves, straw and a resolve to not stain my shirt, I dug into the mutton bone marrow stew and it was surprisingly good. The sauce was sweet and spicy and it was a great dip for the bread. Although the bones did not have a lot of meat, it was quite satisfying to gnaw the bits of meat directly off the bones. The meat was tender and it was not gamy (I think the sauce helped!). The jelly-like marrow inside the bone can be sucked out with the help of a straw and few knocks on the bone. Achievement unlocked­čśČ!