Made a reservation today for Dan's birthday celebration based on the fine dining description from both #chope and #eatigo. We were extremely letdown to find that it was but an extension of the steamboat place called cafe flame. We paid over 100 dollars (after 50% discount!) for a noisy and smoke filled area. Most disapppointing was what the food was put together from the same ingredients as their steamboat buffet menu. Does not feel like much thought was put into the preparation process and definitely not chef standard. Tasted bland and mixed with off-the-shelf condiments.
Can see that the staff tried their best to be professional and attentive, but lacked the necessary training.
Total Bil:
Spark Exquisite Menu
(Amuse Bouche/ Salad/ Pan Seared Foie Gras/ Angus Rib Eye) x 2 =S$ 220
House Pour Wine x 1= S$ 5
Budweiser x 2= S$14
Amount= S$ 239
After 50% discount= S$ 119.50
Service Charge= S$ 11.95
Total Paid= S$131.45

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