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Fall in love with their pork cutlet! 💕 And the egg is so smooth! Approximately $15-20/pax

Demi Glace Pork Cutlet Omu Rice
Omurice Chicken Cutlet Tomato Sauce ($12.80)
Omu Rice With Pork Shabu Shabu ($11.80)
Curry Omu With Chicken Cutlet
Pork Katsu Omurice With Demiglace Sauce
@omusg for their Tomato sauce Omurice with Chicken Cutlet
Surprisingly big portion of chicken cutlet which is enough to feed two small eaters 😁
Curry Sauce Omurice With Chicken Cutlet
Demiglace Sauce Omurice With Fried Pork Burgers
Cheap &Good Omu Rice!
| 🍛 Omu X Red Miso X Katsu 。...
Jap Curry Lava Style Omurice with Shabu Shabu Pork 🐷🍳🍛 $11.80++ (Additional $2 for Lava Style Egg)
This green omurice ($14.80++) is part of @omusg christmas menu, available for a limited time only!