Tsukemen is the variation of ramen that involves dipping cold noodles into a separate bowl of soup and it is typicaly served through summer (that's all the time in KL). Whittle your choices down to the cooling Kakuni Tsukemen (RM36) or the warm, milky Kakuni Tonkotsu (RM34.80) β€” both are delicious and feature their signature braised pork belly. A fairly new name in the ramen scene, these bowls hit the spot with their ginormous portions and umami-packed flavours. But what really sets this shop apart from its ramen rivals is the option to halve your noodles for additional chashu and nori (Japanese seaweed) β€” what better way to quell the noodle overkill than with more tasty toppings to keep you craving!
Avg Price: RM40
Photo by Burppler Jennifer Teow