Even to this day, Village Park's famous Nasi Lemak never cease to satisfy my taste buds. Simple yet authentic in it's own way; the fragrant coconut rice will lure you through the ever growing crowd, enticing enough for you to try the juicy chicken (it also has masses of crispy chicken skin on the side for an extra crunch) And spicy sambal for that extra burn (if you like spicy that is) 8.5/10 (RM 10.50)
Village Park's Nasi Lemak (fat rice is the literal translation, but it ain't unhealthy 😂) is a MUST VISIT for those who are visiting Kuala Lumpur. Though a little far from the city and it can get super crowded during breakfast and lunch hours, it's definitely worth the wait. It's also near Mamalee's too (check my previous post on it)

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