Pretty yummy sandwiches here, a little bit towards the smaller side but alright if you’re not too hungry or if you’re planning to get some sides.

The Kurobuta Bacon was thin and crispy, perfect with the guacamole. The furikake aioli was a nice fusion touch. Along with the sunny side egg (there’s just something so satisfying about eggs in sandwiches), roasted pickled tomatoes and greens, the ingredients in this sandwich make it a great brunch pick.

The Sammies here are made with freshly baked Shokupan bread, which was soft and fluffy. I personally would’ve preferred if the bread slices were slightly thicker because well, I love bread!

The Burpple 1-for-1 deal made the sandwich quite an okay deal, otherwise I would’ve thought that the size of the sandwich is pretty small for its price. Wouldn’t get it on its own definitely. A pity there’s only one deal on Burpple Beyond for Sammies!

We visited on a weekend morning and it wasn’t too busy. There’s quite a bit of seating space on the second floor.

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