@miskacafe is located in the posh enclave of Sentosa Cove, and despite its inaccessibility from mainland Singapore, is worth a visit if you’re already on Sentosa. They serve satisfying sustenance along with cold tall pints of Paulaner fresh from the tap along with wines & ten buck cocktails, all enjoyed while gazing at the yachts moored at dock. Their cuisine is predominantly Greek with a smattering of Turkish and Western, and it’s all rather fetching.⠀

I’ve had a soft spot for doner kebabs ever since my uni days in Newcastle, where I’d grab a kebab at three in the morning while shitfaced drunk. So when I saw that Miska offers a Lamb Kofta Doner Wrap ($19++), I knew I HAD to have it. While it is a lot healthier by virtue of being a lot less greasy than my 3am kebabs, it’s still delicious and quite a hearty meal. The lamb kofta was well spiced & concealed most of the gaminess, and the tangy & refreshing tzatziki added lubrication & richness to this tastefully toasted doner kebab. My only complaints about this Doner Wrap are that the tzatziki wasn’t applied evenly, resulting in dry patches, and it could’ve used some more strips of lamb kofta.⠀

Overall, Miska’s got a good thing going with a view that many restaurants would kill for, and the food’s simple yet decent. Thanks for the invite @burpple & @miskacafe!

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