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My favourite to-go restaurant for dim-sum since I was young. But what's ironic to me is that the servers speak Cantonese instead of Teochew. Well of course they do communicate in Chinese too! Hmm..πŸ˜† With reference from the picture, I usually order the salted egg yolk bun (ζ΅ζ²™εŒ…), steamed char siew bun, chicken feet, pan-fried carrot cake, roasted duck and pork (dipped in sweet plum sauce and Chinese mustard respectively. The skins are so crisp and the meats are succulent!) and steamed bamboo clams (with tons of chopped garlic and chilli!). Also, do order the deep fried silver fish, chilled intestines marinated in soy sauce, the best ever chee cheong fun with shrimps and the fried version (only available on weekends) and the pan-friend yong tau foo with bean paste (also only available on weekends). This restaurant also serves various seafood, congee, wok-hei dishes etc; think classy zi-char 😏 The service is good given their sheer attentiveness- think one server to 3 or 4 tables! If you're planning to go on weekends, remember to place reservations!

They speak in Cantonese because this place is originally from HK :) enjoy their dim sums too. The place is always packed on the weekends.