Visited Chug Chug at PLQ3.
Tried the below dishes and arranged in accordance of my preference:

💫 King prawn tom yum pasta ($24+): this was quite a highly recommended dish based on reviews I read. Creamy tomyum sauce that was slightly spicy w 2 king prawns and 2-3 slices of squid. Not alot of ingredients I must say.
💫 Kimchi buttermilk chicken burger ($18+): the kimchi taste in the chicken burger patty wasn't v pronounced though the patty was quite well marinated. a huge slab of chicken patty was given, enough for sharing among 5 pax! The fries were just like MacDonald fries and too fried for me.
💫 Ginseng chicken stew ($16+): who doesn't love ginseng chicken stew! And for this price, I thought it was quite worth it! The ginseng soup wasn't over powering too so I like! One chicken drumstick given for this.
💫 Soy garlic fried chicken ($16+): 8 pieces of winglets given! The plate was filled with the honey sauce for us to lick up with the winglets! Crispy chicken wings. Recommended!
💫 Jjajangmyeon ($12.9+): chewy potato noodles with mushrooms and pork slices! But the sauce was slightly sweet
💫 Bean paste stew ($16+): this stew came with a section of a flower crab and a few clams. My least recommended dish because it is so troublesome to eat a flower crab outside home 🤣

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