Boasting a cozy interior, it is a perfect place to catch up over a plethora of Japanese dishes which you can pick from their lunch sets.
The Unagi Don ($20) called out to me, and I was soon found hungrily digging into my bowl. Nestled on top of a bed of pearly white Japanese rice, delicate slices of unagi were nicely grilled and slathered in a caramelised sauce. The freshness of the unagi was undeniable, and each bite complemented well with the fluffy Japanese style egg omelette mixed with mushrooms. Polished every single grain off the bowl and was still craving for more at the end even though I was full from the side serving of salad and miso soup 😋🐽
The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 7.5 ants
💰Value: 7 ants
📍Convenience: 7 ants

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