Another encouraging note handwritten by the staff of Le Shrimp Ramen for my delivery order ❤️ I ordered the prawn dumpling thick vermicelli in shrimp broth and chilled silken tofu with century egg as an appetiser. I throughly enjoyed the slippery thick vermicelli that paired so well with the slightly oily and robust shrimp broth. The four accompanying prawn dumplings were also perfectly executed with its plump and crunchy prawn filling. The prawn dumplings were almost too pretty to be eaten. I was never a fan of century eggs for its strong ammonia taste but the halved century egg with the silken tofu was surprisingly palatable. With its warm and personable service and consistent excellent food quality, Le Shrimp Ramen certainly excels on all fronts. There is nothing more we can expect from a F&B establishment in such trying times 😊 #SGUnited #SupportLocal #StayHomeForSG