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The salmon was pan-seared to perfection :D So soft and tender - juices in the meat were retained and the quality and freshness of the meat was 💯💯. The portion was also huge and overall very worth it with burpple 1 for 1 !! otherwise $18 is a bit pricey for just salmon and underwhelming sides. The sauce was tasty as well although there wasn’t enough of it :/

The sides, however, really ruined the dish. The potatoes were hard and not fragrant. One of them was even rotten. Perhaps using olive oil instead of regular cooking oil to roast the potatoes would add more flavour and aroma to the dish. The salad was okay - nothing special, just your typical greens tossed in a citrusy sauce that was quite refreshing and the asparagus were decent although I found it a little too oily and bland like the potatoes.