This place is like the ultimate gastronomical dream come true for seafood lovers, which includes me, of course. Before Poisson, Japanese omasake restaurants are the places I go to for seafood exclusive feasts. So when I found out about Poisson, I immediately marked a date to visit this place because not only it is seafood exclusive, the preparation of food is of European style, which is something different from the Japanese restaurants I love. The Saturday Brunch is like a seafood feast where I get to try ten signature dishes.

Smoked Uno is very impressively presented as seen in the video. Shrouded in vapour, this beautiful creation is revealed when the bell jar is lifted up. Caviar perching on top of tongues of vibrant orange uni that is sitting on a bed of negitoro, which is minced tuna belly, adorned by the ikura that looks like orange crystal balls. And the taste is sublime, it is like the sweetness of ocean. The crispy cereal crunch adds a nice dimension in texture. This is so good that it is worth it to specially come to Poisson to try this.

The oysters are very fresh, mild and creamy in flavours, nicely perked up in taste by the vinaigrette and ikura.

The whelk is perfectly prepared, being chewy yet easy to bite. The honey and soy sauce accentuate the briny taste of the whelk. I love this.

Grilled Squid is one of the main dishes of Poisson and i know why after trying this. Like the whelk, it is very well-prepared, having the chewy yet easy to bite texture. The smoky flavour of the char adds a layer of dimension to the overall taste. A very hearty treat. This is the first time I totally enjoy eating a squid, not counting in calamari.
Grey Shrimp Croquette is creamy and yummy with crispy exterior. The parsley coulis adds a hint of pungent herb flavour to spice things up.

Catch of Day turns out to be the surprise of day because I'm wowed by how good it is. Absolutely no fishy smell, the threadfin flesh is pliable and moist, unlike the fishes, especially threadfins, that I had elsewhere. In addition, the crispy skin of the fish has this delightful char. I love the rice here, it is starchy, smooth and has an iota of chewiness. Lastly, the spiciness of the sauce adds lots of excitement to this dish, and it works.
I have never see Yuzu Sake anywhere, so I'm glad to have tried it here. Sweet and alcoholic, it is also very refreshing due the zest from Yuzu. I like this so much. Recommended to give it a try if dining at here. Apple sorbet with Reviseur Cognac is very intense in taste, great to alternate with the sweet earthy flavour macarons. The chef is very generous with the Cognac.

The blue, turquoise, dreamy interior of the place makes one feel like dining in an underwater restaurant. And the long panel of glass across the open kitchen adds on to this underwater restaurant vibe by giving a feel of an aquarium. The service is outstanding, being observant, prompt to respond to requests and do their bests to make the guests feel comfortable. The guys there are really great conversationists who can connect with the patrons.

I love the Saturday Brunch here where I get to try so many different types of seafood in small bites. A prefect place to enjoy seafood, and a perfect place to chill out with friends over great food and lots of alcohol. I definitely want to be back here soon.

Thoughts: Lovely under-the-sea-like restaurant to have seafood feasts at.